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Mask Matches

Currently, you will find 1.481 unmaskings in our database. You can sort them by date or by the name of the unmasked wrestler (gimmick name at the time of the unmasking).

Unmaskings sorted by date
3512009/12/17: IWRG @ Naucalpan - 32. Aniversario de la Arena Naucalpan
- Capitán Muerte was unmasked by Zatura.
3522009/12/17: 57. Aniversario de la Arena Xalapa
- Jasón la Máquina was unmasked by Caballero Ninja Jr..
3532009/12/17: Independent-Show @ Heroica Zitácuaro
- El Rabioso was unmasked by Axxel.
3542009/12/13: Independent-Show @ Cuernavaca
- Icaro was unmasked by Pequeño Leopardo.
3552009/12/13: FILL/PDM ColiseoManía
- Pierko el Boricua was unmasked by Silver Star.
3562009/12/12: Independent-Show @ Festival Mundial de Lucha Libre
- Cocolores was unmasked by Axxel and Súper Muñeco.
3572009/12/12: Independent-Show @ Festival Mundial de Lucha Libre
- Coco Verde was unmasked by Axxel and Súper Muñeco.
3582009/12/05: SXW December Devastation 2009
- Black Bandit #2 was unmasked by Street Bandit.
3592009/12/05: Independent-Show @ Nezahualcóyotl
- Mr. Stop was unmasked by The Rocket and The Rocket #2.
3602009/12/05: Independent-Show @ Nezahualcóyotl
- Mr. Stop #2 was unmasked by The Rocket and The Rocket #2.
3612009/12/04: Independent-Show @ Nezahualcóyotl
- El Enfermero Jr. was unmasked by Solar #1.
3622009/12/04: LLF 9. Aniversario
- La Novia de Jasón was unmasked by Dark Unicorn.
3632009/12/03: IWRG @ Naucalpan
- Tetsuya Bushi was unmasked by 911.
3642009/12/01: FILL ColiseoManía
- Angel Night was unmasked by Ángel Dorado and Coco Viper.
3652009/11/29: FILL/Promociones Cantú @ Monterrey
- Sobredosis was unmasked by El Hombre sin Miedo.
3662009/11/15: CMLL Guadalajara Domingos
- El Egipcio was unmasked by El Gallo.
3672009/11/01: IWRG @ Naucalpan - El Castillo del Terror 2009
- Jack was unmasked by 911.
3682009/10/30: LL VIP/PDM Hecho en México
- El Matemático Jr. was unmasked by L.A. Par-K.
3692009/10/25: Independent-Show @ Tijuana
- El Migra de USA was unmasked by Black Eder and Slifer.
3702009/10/18: CMLL Domingos Arena México
- Tigre Blanco was unmasked by Pólvora.
3712009/10/17: AULL Guerra de Dinastias
- Pierroth #2 was unmasked by El Hijo del Canek.
3722009/10/03: Promociones Internacionales del Sureste @ Comitán de Domínguez
- Lobo Warrior was unmasked by El Gringo Loco.
3732009/10/02: KBW @ Tampico
- Halcón de Fuego was unmasked by Mensajero de la Muerte.
3742009/09/26: HOW/NWA East Debut Show
- General Lee was unmasked by Shark Boy.
3752009/09/20: CMLL Guadalajara Domingos
- Fraile de la Muerte was unmasked by Astaroth.
3762009/09/20: Fraternidad Dos Mil @ Veracruz
- Sombra Guerrera was unmasked by El Aritmético.
3772009/09/16: IWRG @ Naucalpan - La Guerra del Golfo 2009 (B)
- Arlequín Rojo was unmasked by Rigo.
3782009/09/12: Global Producciones @ Culiacán
- Truck Monster was unmasked by Monster Truck #1.
3792009/09/11: FILL ColiseoManía
- Morse was unmasked by El Hijo del Ninja.
3802009/09/06: Independent-Show @ San Cristóbal Ecatepec de Morelos
- Guerrero X was unmasked by Cazador Salvaje #1.
3812009/09/06: LLR @ Apodaca
- El Guerrillero was unmasked by Súper Nico.
3822009/09/06: CRW Le Retour En Force II
- Santo Electrico was unmasked by Némésis.
3832009/08/23: CMLL Guadalajara Domingos
- Milenio was unmasked by El Hierro.
3842009/08/16: LLU @ Monterrey
- Payaso Diabólico was unmasked by Vértigo.
3852009/08/14: CMLL Viernes Arena Puebla - Mini Infierno en el Ring
- Mr. Ráfaga was unmasked by Pierrothito.
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