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Longest matches ever

In our database, there are currently 1.956.702 activated matches. 416.192 of these have known match times. In this section, you can see the longest and shortest of them, and if you want, you can limit the list to a single promotion, month, year, or decade or a combination thereof.
Record Type

Rank Match Match time
391901KOTC Collision Course
5. August 2007 @ Soboba Casino in San Jacinto, California (United States of America)
John Brock defeated Edgar Cruz
2:38 min.
391902K-DOJO Club-K 3000
12. September 2009 @ Blue Field in Chiba, Chiba (Japan)
KAZMA and Kengo Mashimo defeated Daigoro Kashiwa and PSYCHO
2:38 min.
391903WCW TV-Taping @ Atlanta
8. September 1992 @ Center Stage Theater in Atlanta, Georgia (United States of America)
Shane Douglas defeated Super Invader
2:38 min.
391904 WWF TV-Taping @ Worcester
23. April 1987 @ Worcester Centrum in Worcester, Massachusetts (United States of America)
The Iron Sheik, Nikolai Volkoff and Butch Reed defeated Jim Powers, Paul Roma and Joe Mirto
2:38 min.
391905M-1 MFC Russia vs. The World 3
26. April 2002 @ St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg (Russia)
Alexei Vezelozorov defeated Umer Sara
2:38 min.
391906 UCC 6: Redemption
19. Oktober 2001 @ Verdun Auditorium in Montréal, Quebec (Canada)
Joel Leblanc defeated Shawn Tompkins
2:38 min.
391907 WWF TV-Taping @ Austin
4. Dezember 1991 @ Frank Erwin Center in Austin, Texas (United States of America)
Owen Hart and Jim Neidhart defeated Brian Donahue and Brian Costello
2:38 min.
391908 WWF TV-Taping @ Phoenix
25. Januar 1989 @ Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Phoenix, Arizona (United States of America)
Jake Roberts defeated Darryl Peterson
2:38 min.
391909 WWF TV-Taping @ Phoenix
25. Januar 1989 @ Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Phoenix, Arizona (United States of America)
Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard defeated Louie Spicolli and Riki Ataki
2:38 min.
391910 WWF TV-Taping @ Poughkeepsie
15. Juli 1986 @ Mid-Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie, New York (United States of America)
Davey Boy Smith and Dynamite Kid (c) defeated Tiger Chung Lee and AJ Petrucci [WWF World Tag Team Titles Match]
2:38 min.
391911 WWF TV-Taping @ Poughkeepsie
5. August 1986 @ Mid-Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie, New York (United States of America)
Randy Savage (c) defeated Mario Mancini [WWF Intercontinental Title Match]
2:38 min.
391912 WWF TV-Taping @ San Diego
13. Mai 1987 @ San Diego Sports Arena in San Diego, California (United States of America)
Ax and Smash defeated Billy Anderson and ???
2:38 min.
391913 WWF TV-Taping @ Madison
4. August 1987 @ Dane County Coliseum in Madison, Wisconsin (United States of America)
Randy Savage defeated Steve Lombardi
2:38 min.
391914 WWF TV-Taping @ Peoria
15. September 1987 @ Peoria Civic Center in Peoria, Illinois (United States of America)
Bam Bam Bigelow defeated Barry Horowitz
2:38 min.
391915 WWF TV-Taping @ Huntsville
5. Januar 1988 @ Von Braun Civic Center in Huntsville, Alabama (United States of America)
Ted DiBiase defeated Brady Boone
2:38 min.
391916 WWF TV-Taping @ Indianapolis
13. September 1988 @ Market Square Arena in Indianapolis, Indiana (United States of America)
The Red Rooster defeated Lanny Poffo
2:38 min.
391917Dragon Gate The Gate of Generation - Day 2
3. Dezember 2009 @ Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Tokyo (Japan)
Ryo Saito and Genki Horiguchi defeated KAGETORA [2 on 1 Handicap Match]
2:38 min.
391918 ClubDEEP 19: Future King Tournament 2006
9. Dezember 2006 @ Shinjuku FACE in Tokyo, Tokyo (Japan)
Sojiro Orui defeated Hiroshi Masabuchi
2:38 min.
391919 ClubDEEP 26
21. Oktober 2007 @ Act City in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka (Japan)
Yusuke Suzuki defeated Yoshikazu Tsujima
2:38 min.
391920M-1 2009 Ukraine Selections 2
19. September 2009 @ ACCO International Exhibition Center in Kiew (Ukraine)
Dmitry Poberezhets defeated Anton Chuvasov [Team Real Fight Promotion vs. Team Bars - Heavyweight Bout]
2:38 min.
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