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Longest matches ever

In our database, there are currently 1.824.552 activated matches. 399.893 of these have known match times. In this section, you can see the longest and shortest of them, and if you want, you can limit the list to a single promotion, month, year, or decade or a combination thereof.
Record Type

Rank Match Match time
398841 M-1 Challenge 16
5. Juni 2009 @ Memorial Hall in Kansas City, Missouri (United States of America)
Janne Tulirinta defeated Anthony Ford [Team USA East vs. Team Finland - Welterweight Bout]
0:11 min.
398842M-1 MFC World Championship 1997
1. November 1997 @ St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg (Russia)
Ruslan Kerselyan defeated Colorado López [M-1 MFC World Championship 1997, Semi Final]
0:11 min.
398843KOTC Caged Chaos
10. März 2007 @ Avi Resort and Casino in Laughlin, Nevada (United States of America)
Aaron Wetherspoon (c) defeated Bryson Kamaka [KOTC Welterweight Title Match]
0:11 min.
398844Dragon Gate The Gate of Victory - Day 18
28. Oktober 2009 @ Exhibition Hall in Kumamoto, Kumamoto (Japan)
K-ness defeated "Hollywood" Stalker Ichikawa
0:11 min.
398845Dragon Gate Crown Gate - Day 7
13. November 2009 @ Undokoen Sogo Taiikukan in Nagano, Nagano (Japan)
Masaaki Mochizuki defeated Stan Ichikawa
0:11 min.
398846Shooto R.E.A.D. 9
27. August 2000 @ Culture Gymnasium in Yokohama, Kanagawa (Japan)
Takaharu Murahama defeated Sergei Bytchkov [Welterweight Bout]
0:11 min.
398847 DEEP CMA Festival 2
23. Juli 2007 @ Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Tokyo (Japan)
Dong Hyun Kim defeated Yukiharu Maejima
0:11 min.
398848 UCUK Relentless
9. Mai 2009 @ The Troxy in London, Greater London, England (United Kingdom)
Kevin Porter defeated Chris Woolcott
0:11 min.
398849 Gracie Fighting Championships: Evolution
19. Mai 2007 @ Value City Arena at the Jerome Schottenstein Center in Columbus, Ohio (United States of America)
Rob Wince defeated Leopoldo Serao
0:11 min.
398850 HOOKnSHOOT Kings - Day 2
18. November 2001 @ Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Coliseum in Evansville, Indiana (United States of America)
Anthony Hamlett defeated Jeff Curran
0:11 min.
398851Dragon Gate Primal Gate - Day 8
28. Januar 2010 @ Prefectural Gymnasium in Nishinomiya, Hyogo (Japan)
Don Fujii defeated "Hollywood" Stalker Ichikawa
0:11 min.
398852Toryumon Japan Verano Peligroso 2002 - Day 13
21. August 2002 @ Citizen Gymnasium in Hakodate, Hokkaido (Japan)
Don Fujii defeated Stalker Ichikawa
0:11 min.
398853Toryumon Japan Feliz Año Nuevo 2003 - Day 8
26. Januar 2003 @ Kuragata Sports Hall in Kisarazu, Chiba (Japan)
K-ness defeated Don Fujii and Stalker Ichikawa [3-Way Match]
0:11 min.
398854Toryumon Japan El Mes El Amor Y La Amistad 2003 - Day 5
7. Februar 2003 @ Public General Center "Vivre" in Koshi, Kumamoto (Japan)
Don Fujii defeated Stalker Ichikawa
0:11 min.
398855 KOTC 1: Bas Rutten's King of the Cage
30. Oktober 1999 @ Soboba Casino in San Jacinto, California (United States of America)
Steve Treadwell defeated Mike Bourke [KOTC Openweight Title Match]
0:11 min.
398856 MFC 24: HeatXC
26. Februar 2010 @ River Cree Resort & Casino in Edmonton, Alberta (Canada)
Jesse Juarez defeated Nathan Gunn [Welterweight Bout]
0:11 min.
398857 HOOKnSHOOT New Wind
7. September 2002 @ Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Coliseum in Evansville, Indiana (United States of America)
John Renken defeated Curtis Stout [Middleweight Bout]
0:11 min.
398858KOTC Uprising
5. Februar 2005 @ Albuquerque, New Mexico (United States of America)
Charles Bennett defeated Victor Hernández
0:11 min.
398859Shooto Who is Young Leader!
31. Oktober 2003 @ Kitazawa Town Hall in Tokyo, Tokyo (Japan)
Nobuhiro Obiya defeated Tomonari Kanomata [Rookie Welterweight Tournament 2003, Final]
0:11 min.
398860KOTC Flash Point
23. September 2005 @ Soboba Casino in San Jacinto, California (United States of America)
Eddie Sánchez defeated Adrian Pérez
0:11 min.
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