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Longest matches ever

In our database, there are currently 1.935.165 activated matches. 412.810 of these have known match times. In this section, you can see the longest and shortest of them, and if you want, you can limit the list to a single promotion, month, year, or decade or a combination thereof.
Record Type

Rank Match Match time
4062811PW Damned Nation: Will Not Die
24. Mai 2008 @ The Granby in Bawtry, South Yorkshire, England (United Kingdom)
Jon Cameron and Dragon Aisu defeated El Ligero and Bubblegum (c) [1PW Tag Team Titles Match]
0:56 min.
406282WCW Monday Nitro #215
1. November 1999 @ Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota (United States of America)
Lash LeRoux defeated Ernest Miller [WCW World Heavyweight Title Tournament, Round #1]
0:56 min.
406283 DREAM.1: Lightweight Grand Prix 2008 First Round
15. März 2008 @ Super Arena in Saitama, Saitama (Japan)
Mirko Cro Cop defeated Tatsuya Mizuno [Heavyweight Bout]
0:56 min.
406284 WWF TV-Taping @ Burlington
20. Oktober 1993 @ Burlington Memorial Auditorium in Burlington, Vermont (United States of America)
Fatu and Samu defeated Greg Hatfield and Cohito
0:56 min.
406285 UFC 13: Ultimate Force
30. Mai 1997 @ Augusta-Richmond County Civic Center in Augusta, Georgia (United States of America)
Randy Couture defeated Tony Halme [Heavyweight Tournament, Semi Final]
0:56 min.
406286IFL 2007 Team Championship Final
20. September 2007 @ Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida (United States of America)
Jamal Patterson defeated Chris Baten [Light Heavyweight Bout]
0:56 min.
406287 WWF TV-Taping @ Huntsville
3. Januar 1989 @ Von Braun Civic Center in Huntsville, Alabama (United States of America)
Jim Neidhart defeated Jerry Price
0:56 min.
406288IFL Legends Championship 2006
29. April 2006 @ Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, New Jersey (United States of America)
Jens Pulver defeated Cole Escovedo [Lightweight Bout]
0:56 min.
406289 WEC 30: McCullough vs. Crunkilton
5. September 2007 @ Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Paradise, Nevada (United States of America)
Donald Cerrone vs. Kenneth Alexander ended without a winner [Lightweight Bout]
0:56 min.
406290 WWF TV-Taping @ Topeka
31. Oktober 1989 @ Landon Arena at Kansas Expo Center in Topeka, Kansas (United States of America)
Jake Roberts defeated Dave Watson
0:56 min.
406291AWS/NWA Pro 4th Anniversary Show - Total War
18. März 2006 @ Frank and Sons in City of Industry, California (United States of America)
Biggie Biggs defeated Carlos del Naranja
0:56 min.
406292Pancrase Road to the Championship 3
26. Juli 1994 @ Komazawa Olympic Memorial Park Gymnasium in Tokyo, Tokyo (Japan)
Masakatsu Funaki defeated Scott Sollivan
0:56 min.
406293 WWF TV-Taping @ St. Louis
16. Januar 1984 @ Chase Park Hotel in St. Louis, Missouri (United States of America)
Big John Studd defeated Jerry Riggs
0:56 min.
406294Pancrase Trans 8
9. Dezember 2000 @ Aomori Prefectural Gymnasium in Aomori, Aomori (Japan)
Osami Shibuya defeated Mikhail Kebedov
0:56 min.
406295DDT Non-Fix 4/18 All Night
18. April 2009 @ Shin-kiba 1st RING in Tokyo, Tokyo (Japan)
MIKAMI defeated HARASHIMA [HARASHIMA 7 Man Challenge]
0:56 min.
406296Pancrase Shining 6
27. August 2008 @ Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Tokyo (Japan)
Maximo Blanco vs. Yuki Yashima ended without a winner [Lightweight Bout]
0:56 min.
406297 Jungle Fight 2
15. Mai 2004 @ Studio 5 Convention Center in Manaus, Amazonas (Brazil)
Ronaldo Souza defeated Victor Babkir
0:56 min.
406298 War Gods V
30. Mai 2009 @ Viejas Outlet Center in Alpine, California (United States of America)
Rick Slaton defeated Salah Zabian
0:56 min.
406299Gladiator Challenge Put Up or Shut Up
31. Mai 2009 @ Konocti Vista Resort and Casino in Lakeport, California (United States of America)
Sean Shakour defeated Adam Alamano [Featherweight Bout]
0:56 min.
406300KOTC Smashing Machine
31. Mai 2008 @ UTE Mountain Casino in Cortez, Colorado (United States of America)
Cody East defeated Blair Silversmith [Welterweight Bout]
0:56 min.
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