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WWE: Edge Comments on His WWE Hall of Fame Induction
Edge was just on "After Math" on the Score with Arda Ocal and Jimmy Korderas to discuss his impending induction into WWE's Hall of Fame. Edge was asked how he felt about the honor, and Edge said "I feel old." Edge revealed that he was told by WWE personnel and was told by Ocal that he was the youngest inducted. Korderas joked that Edge could borrow his AARP card.

Ocal asked Edge about the year he had with the retirement and everything. Edge said it was a surreal year. He then said it was a weird year. He said he didn't think he would wind up the year after retirement sitting on a chair with tea cup poodle. Edge then said, "I have a tea cup poodle, Branny, but he's tough." As for the Hall of Fame, Edge said it seemed soon. He thought it was a compliment. Edge said that WWE employees and wrestlers voted, and was told the vote was unanimous, and he then felt more at ease. Edge was asked by Korderas if he was given a choice of who would induct him, and he said he guessed he would be given the choice, and if given the choice, Christian would be the one.

Edge was asked if entering the Hall of Fame would have validated his career and if it would have been a nice way to end his career. He said that being in the Hall of Fame would have been Icing on the cake. Edge said that he would have liked to wrestle Christian at Mania. However, Edge did say the honor is humbling. Being inducted with the Four Horsemen is surreal.

Edge was asked about his neck. He said it was doing well, but he was learning as he goes as to what bothers it, and what doesn't.. He said he went to dentist a couple of months ago and could not turn his neck for two days. He said will have to eventually get neck surgery. Flights over 2 hours bother him for a day. He said he got three neck surgeries, and really doesn't want to get a 4th surgery. He said he biked 13 miles that day. He said he bikes, and does stuff to keep pressure off the neck.

He said every day he finds stuff to do. He said he does hiking, biking, and plays records. He said he will do Season three of Haven, the Hall of Fame, and he talked up his movie. He said it is getting busy again. He discussed his DVD. He said he saw advanced copy, and was happy with it. He said he was hands on in selection of the matches. Problems came up in selecting the matches because a lot of his matches were 25 minutes long, and they could only put so many on the DVD.

Their last question was about Royal Rumble matches. Edge said they could be a nightmare. He was called upon to help with the matches because of his memory. He said he was "stuck" with telling others what to do in the match.

The interview ends with the guys teasing Edge about being a DJ at one of their weddings. Edge said "As long as you don't mind a little Pearl Jam."

Source: the great
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