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Mexico: Averno not to Perros del Mal, Estrella Dorada Jr. arrested
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Mexico: Averno not to Perros del Mal, Estrella Dorada Jr. arrested
Remember how La Catedral slipped in that bit about El Averno being offered a spot in La Consejo? It’s not the only place that’s turned up. Box Y Lucha #3059 suggested the much rumored rudo was headed to the Producciones Perros del Mal. The article says Averno was actually at Guerra de Titanes, and was offered the luchador surprise spot on the 01/01 Perros del Mal show. That did not come to be, that’s where Head Hunter was their surprise. There’s also the slight problem of Averno being in Guadalajara for 12/16, though results never came out so it’s possible he no-showed. We do know Averno passed up both those opportunities, which are probably the best he’s getting from them at the moment.

CMLL, quicker than usual for them, has put up a (in character) Averno promo where he says he’s staying in CMLL.

Estrella Dorada Jr., a Monterrey based luchador, has been arrested on charges of kidnapping, conspiracy, and robbery. There’s many articles about this (here are three). Dorada Jr., real name Lázaro Gurrola Gallegos, has been wrestling since the early 90s and was most often been seen in Arena Coliseo Monterrey (though not since last April, and no known matches since November.) In recent years, he’s also been working as Fake/Clone John Cena, though more for appearances than matches. Dorada wrestled in AAA for a few months in late 2005; he was selected by Shocker as a new Guapo, but it didn’t end up going anywhere (much like everything else during Shocker’s AAA stint.) Dorada’s brother is Hator, who had a much longer run in AAA. If this story about a Monterrey luchador being arrested sounds a bit familiar, it’s because it’s part of the same investigation that netted fellow Monterrey luchador Voltaje Negro. Estrella Dorada Jr., and two others, are specifically accused of kidnapping a casino employee last May, which may have been part of a larger plot to attack and rob the casino.

Source: the awesome
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