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NewsboardDate (CET)Date (ET)
WWE: WWE Touts WrestleMania Buys
2012/04/17 16:172012/04/17 10:17
WWE: Mick Foley Shows WWE Divas Some Respect in His New Blog
2012/04/17 13:112012/04/17 7:11
Wrestling History: What happened on April 17th?
2012/04/17 6:012012/04/17 0:01
WWE: Daniel Bryan Discusses Tht 'YES!' Chants And More
2012/04/16 21:372012/04/16 15:37
Wrestling History: What happened on April 16th?
2012/04/16 6:002012/04/16 0:00
Wrestling History: What happened on April 15th?
2012/04/15 6:012012/04/15 0:01
IW[9/17-?]: Kurt Angle Ends Quest To Compete In The 2012 Olympics Games
2012/04/14 13:202012/04/14 7:20
Wrestling History: What happened on April 14th?
2012/04/14 6:012012/04/14 0:01
WWE: John Morrison Returning To WWE This Year?
2012/04/13 19:062012/04/13 13:06
WWE: Fit Finlay Says He Would Have Fired Himself From WWE
2012/04/13 12:342012/04/13 6:34
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WWE: Fit Finlay Says He Would Have Fired Himself From WWE
Fit Finlay recently spoke about his WWE release, Sheamus and Drew McIntyre and more. Check out the highlights:

On his release: "I brought a little bit of disgrace to the company and if I was on the board I would have made the decision to sack me as well. Is it what it is and I have to just back and suffer the consequences and that's fine."

On Sheamus and Drew McIntyre: "I know Sheamus and Drew McIntyre quite well, and the one downside for me is that they are quite heavily influenced by the American style of wrestling and the American way of life which is quite easy to get caught up in."

On his future plans: "We are starting a new company in Japan with Tajiri and are just coming up with a name and are looking to start in May."

Source: the amazing
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