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Mexico: El Luchador, Kraneo and Morphosis, Juventud Guerrera
A&E Mexico which was very happy with the ratings and reviews that the reality show “El Luchador” got this season has renewed it for a new season and is giving it a full order of 13 episodes with taping set to start soon.

CMLL announced late Monday that they would be debuting two new stars this Sunday at Arena Mexico named Kraneo and Morphosis which are El Alebrije and Histeria repackaged. Both men said in an interview that CMLL wanted them to change their gimmicks which these are gimmicks both men used earlier in their career before they became famous. Psicosis said that he doesn’t have this issue as he will be able to use his gimmick forever and he also had a word of wisdom for the guys that are part of “El Consejo” saying that even though EMLL has some issues, he would much rather be with them than languishing on the indies and working for the unstable AAA.

Juventud Guerrera is going around telling people that he is being forced to no-show bookings because he is going back to AAA which is funny because some of these shows feature guys affiliated with AAA in some form.

Source: the brilliant
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