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NewsboardDate (CET)Date (ET)
IW[9/17-?]: Impact quarter-hour ratings report
2012/01/21 11:532012/01/21 5:53
Wrestling History: What happened on January 21st?
2012/01/21 6:012012/01/21 0:01
IW[9/17-?]: TNA announces partnership to produce India TV series
2012/01/20 17:412012/01/20 11:41
Wrestling History: What happened on January 20th?
2012/01/20 6:012012/01/20 0:01
Mexico: Volador Jr. in Trouble, La Comandante, FantasticaMania
2012/01/19 21:052012/01/19 15:05
IW[9/17-?]: Tara Says She Almost Quit After WWE
2012/01/19 17:502012/01/19 11:50
Wrestling History: What happened on January 19th?
2012/01/19 6:012012/01/19 0:01
Mexico: Homenaje a Dos Leyendas 2012, Rey Bucanero on MS-1
2012/01/18 21:052012/01/18 15:05
WWE: Ted DiBiase, Reaction To Bourne, Harley Race
2012/01/18 20:182012/01/18 14:18
Wrestling History: What happened on January 18th?
2012/01/18 6:012012/01/18 0:01
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WWE: Ted DiBiase, Reaction To Bourne, Harley Race
- Ted DiBiase Jr. said on his Twitter than he came down with food poisoning that caused him to miss his pre-SmackDown DiBiase Posse get-together. He was able to recover enough to work a match though. DiBiase posted:

Don't know how I managed to get through the day today. Woke up at 5am with food poison (I'll spare you details)!! Very sorry to Vegas DPP!!!

Some things are out of my control... This morning and throughout the day it was my bowels!! I'll make it up to you guys next time!! Promise

He later noted that he thought it was "the Lobster sandwich I had in the mall" when asked.

- Former WWE announcer Todd Grisham said the following about Evan Bourne's suspension on Twitter: "Shocked about Evan Bourne. Once could be chalked up to a bad decision...twice and there's a real problem. Hope he gets well. Great guy."

- Harley Race is the subject of a detailed story on his rise, fall and re-rise in the St. Louis newspaper the Riverfront Times. The story talks about Race's history in the business, his alcohol trouble and the Harley Race Academy. The article features Race talking about the current wrestling climate, which he notes is more talk than action.

"The easy way out is to let the guys talk about the bullshit without being able to do the bullshit," Race said. "You can't talk for 60 minutes."

Source: the amazing
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