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WWE: Jericho reveals when return was decided, why he's in the Chamber
WWE star Chris Jericho says his Royal Rumble surprise return was decided on in November. The writing was on the wall when WWE's TV partner, Syfy, announced their new "Robot Combat League" show hosted by Jericho in November.

"I really kept it under wraps and didn’t tell anybody," Jericho told Scott Fishman of the Miami Herald in an interview promoting RCL. "It was kind of decided on back in November. I was really impressed that we were able to pull of that surprise. That is why people went bananas for it because it was legitimate surprise like when we were kids. I thought it was really, really cool that we are still able to do that.”

Jericho also said that his entry in this Sunday's Elimination Chamber match was a last-second decision after WWE pulled Rey Mysterio from the match.

"I really wasn’t supposed to be in that match, but Rey Mysterio got hurt, and they put me in there. It’s always great to add to your legacy. It’s one of the most hard-hitting matches you can have. I guess I’m an expert at these chamber matches so I thought, ‘Sure, let’s do it.’”

After the Chamber PPV and Monday's Raw TV taping, Jericho takes off to Australia for Fozzy's next international tour before returning to WWE for WrestleMania hype. Jericho says he envisions the remainder of his wrestling career following a similar pattern.

“That is probably going to be my career from now on," Jericho said. "I will keep coming back as long as I feel I’m still working at the highest level that I can. It won’t be for two years, but if I come back to two or so months at a time. Then I can do that, then it gives me the opportunity to do the other projects I have going on as well."

Source: the fantastic
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