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Champions and Championships

Currently, there are 2.477 active and 2.462 abandoned championships in our championship database. To view the history and related information for a given title, you have to choose a category, a promotion and then the championship. Furthermore, you can view a championship ranking measured by ratings given by our users.

Most popular championships in this category
BAMMA British Middleweight Title
Legend FC Bantamweight Title
BAMMA Lightweight Title
Legend FC Featherweight Title
Bellator Bantamweight Title
M-1 Interim Heavyweight Title
Bellator Featherweight Title
MFC Light Heavyweight Title
Bellator Heavyweight Title
Pancrase Bantamweight Title
Bellator Light Heavyweight Title
Pancrase Featherweight Title
Bellator Lightweight Title
Pancrase Flyweight Title
Bellator Middleweight Title
Pancrase Heavyweight Title
Bellator Welterweight Title
Pancrase Interim Featherweight Title
Bellator Women’s Title
Pancrase Light Heavyweight Title
Cage Rage World Light Heavyweight Title
Pancrase Lightweight Title
CFC Bantamweight Title
Pancrase Middleweight Title
CFC Lightweight Title
Pancrase Openweight Title
CFC Middleweight Title
Pancrase Super Flyweight Title
CFFC Flyweight Title
Pancrase Welterweight Title
CFFC Welterweight Title
PRIDE Heavyweight Title
CWFC Bantamweight Title
PRIDE Interim Heavyweight Title
CWFC Featherweight Title
PRIDE Lightweight Title
CWFC Heavyweight Title
PRIDE Middleweight Title
CWFC Lightweight Title
PRIDE Welterweight Title
CWFC Middleweight Title
Ringside Bantamweight Title
CWFC Welterweight Title
Ringside Featherweight Title
DEEP Bantamweight Title
ROC Bantamweight Title
DEEP Featherweight Title
SC Featherweight Title
DEEP Light Heavyweight Title
Shark Fights Heavyweight Title
DEEP Lightweight Title
Shooto Americas Lightweight Title
DEEP Megaton Title
Shooto European Cruiserweight Title
DEEP Middleweight Title
Shooto European Lightweight Title
DEEP Welterweight Title
Shooto Flyweight Title
DEEP Women’s Flyweight Title
Shooto Light Heavyweight Title
DEEP Women’s Lightweight Title
Shooto Pacific Rim Featherweight Title
DREAM Featherweight Title
Shooto Pacific Rim Welterweight Title
DREAM Interim Heavyweight Title
Shooto South America Flyweight Title
DREAM Lightweight Title
Shooto South America Lightweight Title
DREAM Middleweight Title
Shooto South America Middleweight Title
DREAM Welterweight Title
SportFight Featherweight Title
EliteXC Middleweight Title
SportFight Heavyweight Title
EliteXC Welterweight Title
SportFight Lightweight Title
Gladiator Challenge Bantamweight Title
SportFight Middleweight Title
Gladiator Challenge Featherweight Title
Strikeforce Heavyweight Title
Gladiator Challenge Flyweight Title
Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Title
Gladiator Challenge Heavyweight Title
Strikeforce Lightweight Title
Gladiator Challenge Native American Heavyweight Title
Strikeforce Middleweight Title
Gladiator Challenge Native American Light Heavyweigh...
Strikeforce Welterweight Title
Gladiator Challenge Native American Lightweight Title
Strikeforce Women’s Featherweight Title
Gladiator Challenge Super Heavyweight Title
TPF Middleweight Title
Icon Sport Middleweight Title
UCMMA Bantamweight Title
IFL Heavyweight Title
UFC Bantamweight Title
Invicta Atomweight Title
UFC Featherweight Title
Invicta Strawweight Title
UFC Flyweight Title
Jungle Fight Welterweight Title
UFC Heavyweight Title
KOTC Bantamweight Title
UFC Interim Bantamweight Title
KOTC Canadian Bantamweight Title
UFC Interim Heavyweight Title
KOTC Canadian Flyweight Title
UFC Interim Light Heavyweight Title
KOTC Canadian Heavyweight Title
UFC Interim Welterweight Title
KOTC Canadian Light Heavyweight Title
UFC Light Heavyweight Title
KOTC Canadian Lightweight Title
UFC Lightweight Title
KOTC Canadian Middleweight Title
UFC Middleweight Title
KOTC Canadian Welterweight Title
UFC Superfight Title
KOTC Cruiserweight Title
UFC Welterweight Title
KOTC Flyweight Title
UFC Women’s Bantamweight Title
KOTC Heavyweight Title
UFC Women’s Strawweight Title
KOTC Junior Flyweight Title
WAMMA Heavyweight Title
KOTC Junior Welterweight Title
WAMMA Lightweight Title
KOTC Light Heavyweight Title
War Gods Heavyweight Title
KOTC Lightweight Title
WEC Heavyweight Title
KOTC Middleweight Title
WEC Lightweight Title
KOTC Superfight Title
WEC Middleweight Title
KOTC Super Heavyweight Title
WEC North American Light Heavyweight Title
KOTC Welterweight Title
WEC North American Lightweight Title
KOTC Women’s Junior Flyweight Title
WEC Welterweight Title
KSW Middleweight Title
XFC Featherweight Title
Legacy Bantamweight Title
XFC Lightweight Title
Note: Overall, there are 465 championships of this category in our database. If you cannot find a particular championship on the list, please use the drop-down menu at the top of this page. © by The Team (2001-2018)   •   Multilanguage Version © by Axel Saalbach (2008-2018)   •   This Page in German