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Trainers and Trainees

In this section, you will find an overview about (until now) 15.274 constellations between trainers and their students. The lists can be sorted by trainer and by student. Here you will find only "real" constellations, "storyline" constellations between trainers and student are excluded.
Initial Letter

Maestros with initial letter A
Araña de PlataTrained Araña de Plata Jr., Fairy Bell and Vaneli.
Trained Lemús #2.
ArcángelTrained Hechicero and Two Extreme.
Archie Gouldie
Trained Principal Richard Pound and Terry Gordy.
The ArenaTrained Alexandre Ribeiro, Chris Cope, Cris Cyborg, Diego Sánchez, Fabrício Camões, Joe Duarte, Jon Tuck, KJ Noons, Mike Bravo, Patrick Speight, Rani Yahya and Ryan Shamrock.
AresTrained Ludxor.
Trained Dreamer, Freedom, Gizza and Siniestro.
Trained Andres Diamond, Jakob Hammermeier, Kaio, Mr. Excellent, Torment and Tribun.
Trained SWAT.
AR Fox
Trained Austin Theory.
Argentina Rocca
Trained George Espada.
Argjend Qufaj
Trained Aslan Ankara, Flippo the Clown, German Eagle, Marco Zercher, Nemesis and Shaggy.
Trained Danger and Darth Maul.
Arik Cannon
Trained Ben Sailer, Casanova, Darin Corbin and Ryan Cruz.
Trained Ariman Jr., Factor Miedo, El Gato Latino, Hell Boy, McKiller, Overkill, Rey Lagarto, Sangre de Toro and Tzonaka.
Ari Romero
Trained Ari Romero Jr..
Arizona Combat SportsTrained Aaron Simpson, Ben Askren, CB Dollaway, Carlos Condit, Clifford Starks, Estevan Payan, Gerald Harris, Jacob McClintock, Jamie Varner, Jeremy Larsen, Jesse Forbes, John Moraga, Matt Lucas, Matt Riddle, Ryan Bader, Seth Baczynski and Steve Steinbeiss.
Arkángel de la Muerte
Trained Afrodita, Andros de Plata, Ángel de la Noche, El Audaz, Black Belt, Bobby Villa, Candy, Canelo Casas, Canis Lupus, El Cholo, Cocolores, Dinamic Black, Diosa Atenea, Dragón Fly, Drone, La Flamita, El Fresero Jr., Frisbee, Gran Guerrero, Guerrero Míxtico Jr., El Halcón Jr., Hérmes Jr., El Hijo del Enrique Vera, El Hijo del Signo, Höruz, Isis, JC Navarro, Latin Star, Magnus, Mini Kenzo Suzuki, Místico, Mortiz, Ninja de Fuego, Óxido, Poseidon, Príncipe Diamante, Príncipe Pantera Jr., Puma, Rey Mohicano, El Signo Jr., El Silencio, Súper Halcón Jr., Tritón, Trox, Vanilla Vargas and Villano III Jr..
ArmaduraTrained Delirio.
The ArmoryTrained Edson Barboza, Luiz Cané and Vagner Rocha.
Arn Anderson
Trained Christy Hemme.
Aron Frost
Trained Kira.
ARSION DojoTrained AKINO and Emiko Kado.
Artemis Spencer
Trained Barry Goode, KC Spinelli and Nicole Matthews.
Arturo Gaona
Trained Arturo Gaona Jr. and Black Génesis.
El As
Trained Bracito de Oro, Ludark Shaitan, Pentagoncito Black and Zumbido Jr..
Asbjørn Riis
Trained Bjørn Sem, Grom Gravalid and Thorn.
As Charro
Trained Baby Killer and El Limón.
As del Espacio
Trained Peligro and Zafiro.
Asesino Negro
Trained Dragón de Oriente #2.
Asesino Negro
Trained El Canek and El Hijo del Solitario.
Trained Karl Atlas and Rich N Famous.
Trained Rhys Richards and Skye.
Ashley Sixx
Trained Space Monkey.
Ashura Hara
Trained Gedo.
Asian SensationTrained Cruz Walker.
AspidTrained Aéreo and Pagano.
AsteriónTrained Ángel Azteca, Black Warrior, Ephesto and Luciferno.
Trained Core, El Infernal and Rey Patriota.
Astro BoyTrained Monster Truck #1 and Monster Truck #2.
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